Performers Of The EcoHero Show

EcoHero Gabe

With 4 years of performing for families on Royal Caribbean International cruises and an additional 4 years of performing at Busch Gardens Park for families in Tampa Bay, EcoHero Gabe knows how to rock a show! He has the voice of an angel and the dance moves of Bruno Mars. His extremely high emotional intelligence gets the ecological messages across during his EcoHero Shows.

Ms. Eco

This Turkish sweetheart pulls on the heartstrings of everyone she performs for. With 7+ years of professional lati dancing/teaching and 4 years volunteering with Syrian refuges, Ms. Eco is able to connect with students in a special way that is sure to get them caring about Ecology during her EcoHero shows.

Mr. Eco

Chief Eco Officer and creator of “The EcoHero Show” has brought the show from idea to concept with performances around the globe for six years. What he lacks for in dance moves is made up in hip-hop singing ability ;)

*Due to scheduling limitations, you do not get to request your performer. All are world class!"

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