Performers Of The EcoHero Show

EcoHero Lexi

Alexandra “EcoHero Lexi” Lovelace started as a performer for The EcoHero Show in September 2018 and has years of experience working with youth. She is extremely passionate about environmental issues, and her energy is contagious during shows. She received her BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Oklahoma.

Lola Eco

Unissa “Lola Eco” Cruse-Ferguson started as a performer for The EcoHero Show in September 2018 and is a professional dancer appearing in 6 TV/Film specials including Hairspray Live! She has a BA/BS in Dance/Family Science from the University of Maryland-College Park.

Eco J

Jordan "Eco J" Anderson joined the EcoHero team in September 2019. Jordan has a background in music and theater performance, a B.A. in Film Studies from Lewis & Clark College and an M.A. and teaching credential from UC Berkeley. He is passionate about using arts and education as avenues for making the world a better place, especially in relation to environmental issues.

Ms. Eco

Yagmur "Ms. Eco" Yalcin started with the EcoHero Show in spring of 2017. Originally from Turkey, she received her M.A. in Clinical Psychology Spiritual and Depth Specialization from Antioch University. With 7+ years of professional latin dancing/teaching and 4 years volunteering with Syrian refuges, Ms. Eco is able to connect with students in a special way that is sure to get them caring about Ecology during her EcoHero shows.

Mr. Eco

Brett "Mr. Eco" Edwards is an environmentalist, an educator, an entrepreneur a NARAS Grammy Voting musician, a YouTuber and a philanthropist. Chief Eco Officer and creator of “The EcoHero Show” has brought the show from idea to concept with performances around the globe for six years.

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