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Testimonials From Schools:

“{The EcoHero Show} has done more to inspire and motivate the students and staff at my school in his 1 day visit than any single event over the last 10 years.”

– Josh Olins: 1st Grade Teacher, Falmouth Maine

“We got to have the EcoHero Assembly at our school and it was amazing. If you are looking for for an outstanding assembly that keeps your students engaged, is high energy, has amazing songs that the kids can remember and teaches a wonderful message about keeping our planet clean, have the EcoHero assembly you are going to love it.”

– Todd Biggert: Principal Hoover Elementary, Indo California

“We’ve just had the fantastic EcoHeroes at our school inspiring over 500 learners on our journey to be a Gold Enviro School. The messages had our kids up jumping and pumping to environmental fantastic raps that we will be able to go back and look at on the YouTube channel. You have touched our hearts.”

– Justine Driver: Principal Sunny Hills Primary, Auckland New Zealand

“Today we had the great opportunity of having the EcoHero Show visit our school. The children had a blast the content was very educational and they were able to relate really well. We hope to continue the work they are doing in our school because we all can do something to save our planet.”

– Claudia Bennet: 3rd Grade Teacher: Roseau Combined School Jacmel, St. Lucia

“We’ve just had EcoHero presenting to some of our primary students and boy were they bouncing around. {Students} walked out of here full of enthusiasm about the issues EcoHeroes were talking about and you could see how they were keen to actually do something and be EcoHeroes.”

– Peter Muir: Cast Coordinator: Discovery College Hong Kong

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Testimonials From Cities:

“The principal from one of the schools came to the City Council meeting to thank them for sponsoring such great shows. She said some of the first graders, on their own initiative, asked if they could spend their recess picking up litter on the playground after the show. Wow. I thought the students really got something out of it and learned about doing something for the environment. I think its one of the few shows students will take home and take action after.”

– Sara Toyoda, Env. Programs Coordinator, City Of Indio

“Working with The EcoHero Show was a great way for us to get our message of waste prevention and recycling into local schools. {They} got the program pre-approved for CalRecycle City/County Payment funds to be used and made arrangements with all of the schools. After the assembly, I saw parents on one school’s Facebook page talking about the messages that their students brought home and the AUSD thanked the City of Antioch on Twitter. Since we had one principal tell us it was one of the best assemblies she had seen in over 20 years as an educator, we know it will be in high demand next time {they} come to town. We are looking forward to booking The EcoHero Show for next school year for the litter/recycling assembly and for energy and water conservation messages.”

– Julie Haas-Wajdowicz: Env Resource Coordinator: City of Antioch

“We had The EcoHero Show go to 10 elementary schools in a week. The show was amazing–kids really enjoyed it–a lot of student participation. I used CALRECYCLE City/County grant funds to pay for it. In one week, the show brought environmental message to about 8,000 Victorville kids. I was really pleased with the performances, and I could see the kids were engaged. I noticed a number of Victorville kids have since commented on {their} videos on YouTube, so I know they made a big impression.”

– Dana Armstrong: Env. Programs Manager: City of Victorville

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